Tilting Signal Mast


Lindsay is offering a new concept to an old design of the wayside mast/ladder/platform by eliminating the need for platforms and ladders, which allows field personnel to safely remain on the ground to perform their standard maintenance procedures.

The new concept is a counter-weighted mast assembly to balance the wayside signal heads, with an adjustable counter-weight to accommodate various signal head combinations as well as wayside signal heads from various suppliers. The odd shape of the main tilt arm mast, or as Lindsay calls it “The TSM”, allows for the lower signal heads to be practically parallel with the ground for easy access to the rear of the signal head while also allowing easy access to the rear of the upper signal head in a back to back signal arrangement. Lindsay believes this new concept robustly improves the safety over the standard mast/ladder/platform by bringing the signals to the ground instead of field personnel having to climb in all sorts of weather and light conditions to perform normal maintenance procedures.


With safety being the driving force of this design, the opportunities to eliminate dangerous situations for maintenance personnel like working around power lines, river or creek embankments or locations were an additional platform needs to be installed just to access a standard mast/ladder/platform. There are undoubtedly additional unique situations that arise or locations that could be retrofitted where the “TSM” would exactly fit a particular safety or maintenance requirement.

The Lindsay Transportation Solutions “TSM” eliminates ALL requirements for additional electrical external power for wiring or special tools. The Lindsay transformation is centered on the unique arm design, and Lindsay’s patent pending rotor and brake approach which allows for movement of the “TSM” arm from a normal operating position to a safe ground working location for field personnel. Incorporating the rotor and brake allows for manual, controlled movement of the “TSM” arm, by removing two U-bolts, and engaging a modest amount of pressure to the arm assembly. Field personnel can begin the lowering process with the assurance that anytime thru the lowering process there is an absence of pressure the “TSM” arm will stay until recommencing pressure, then allowing the arm to move to a desired workable height.


A further enhancement over earlier designs is Lindsay’s unique approach to signal alignment to track for optimal viewing for train personnel. This procedure now can be performed by field personnel safely on the ground. Additionally a sighting table for predetermined angles and distances are permanently affixed to the inner door of the junction box, with space to record site specific information.

Shipped fully assembled, and with the wiring harnesses prepositioned inside the assembly. All that is left to do is install the adjustable counter weight kit and add the signals to the mast. All installation requirements may be performed on the ground before lifting the assembly onto the foundation. Standard mast/ladder/platform foundations can be used, no special foundation is required, since mast is set-up with standard 11 11/16” x 11 11/16” bolt pattern.

With the unique design of the arm and mast it allows for multiple units to be stacked on a truck and nested opposite of each other to double the amount of assemblies per shipment. Counter-weight kits come fully marked along with easy to read instruction sheets.


  • Meets A.A.S.H.T.O. wind load of 120 mph.
  • Meets A.A.S.H.T.O. ice load of 3 pounds per square foot.
  • Aluminum conduit connection between top of mast and top of junction box installed prior to shipping.
  • Standard 11 11/16” x 11 11/16” bolt spacing.
  • Signal sighting kit with every assembly.
  • 6 position maintenance device, to give field personnel other maintenance position options other than being restricted in the either the working position or complete lowered position. Example would be having access to front of lower signals to clean assemblies.


  • Signals can be provided in 1, 2, 3 or 4 aspect incandescent or LED.
  • External 4” sealtite conduit connection from junction to ground.
  • Standard 6 foot tall galvanized steel pyramid foundation.