Success Story | The Big Move


After decades of congested roads and highways around downtown Toronto and Pearson International Airport, Metrolinx, the Ontario government agency for Greater Toronto and Hamilton proposed series of light rail transit lines, subways and bus rapid transit lines dubbed the “Big Move.” 

The Big Move is an $11.5 billion plan outlines a common vision for transportation for one of the largest and fastest-growing urban regions in North America. The plan introduces a new way of moving around the region using rapid transit.


Metrolinx needed to find an all-in-one dedicated source that could help them facilitate retrofitting new signals and structures along existing routes, as well as a source that could engineer, design and manufacture structures along routes requiring new construction.

17 MLP’s were deployed ith some deployed on the elevated platform


Metrolinx turned to Railroad Products by Lindsay® to supply the signals and signal bridges for two portions of the Big Move, The Union Pearson Airport Link and the Georgetown South Project.

Railroad Products by Lindsay designed, engineered and manufactured a total of 27 signal bridges and over 500 signals for the project. Lindsay also provided 17 MLP’s that are installed on the elevated portion of the Union Pearson Line entering and leaving the Pearson International Airport Metrolinx Station.

  • 27 signal bridges designed, engineered, and built
  • Signal structures span up to 8 tracks
  • 520 color signals installed in combination of 1, 2, and 3 position
  • 17 total unique MLP’s on project with some deployed on the elevated platform
Success Story | The Big Move


Each signal bridge was designed to satisfy the unique characteristics of a particular location. Lindsay performed the design and engineering for all the structures. Railroad Products by Lindsay designs were reviewed and validated by the owner’s engineering consultants.

The signal bridges ranged from four track units to structures spanning eight tracks. The largest bridge is located near Strachan Avenue in downtown Toronto and involved an 8 track unit spanning 165 feet.

Railroad Products by Lindsay’s work on this project was completed in 2015. Railroad Products by Lindsay worked closely with local construction and engineering firms in Toronto along with representatives from Metrolinx.

Railroad Products by Lindsay is honored to participate in the development of transit infrastructure for Toronto. We look forward to working with other Canadian and US transit properties and rail operators.